Beneficial Insect "Trading Cards"

Entomologists at the Illinois Natural History Survey have produced a convenient set of identification cards for beneficial insects common to the Midwest. This easy-to-use guide consists of 31 plastic-laminated cards about the size of baseball trading cards. The rugged cards withstand dirt and moisture and are fastened together in one corner so the set can be carried to the garden when necessary to distinguish between pests and beneficial insects. Each card provides a full color photo of a beneficial natural enemy on the front side and a concise and informative description on the reverse.

UPDATED Spetember, 2020.  Beneficial Insect trading cards and other books, posters, species diagnostic field cards, and educational kits available from the Illinois Natural History Survery can be purchased online at

This article originally appeared in the August 8, 1997 issue, p. 126.


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