Horticulture Safety Quiz

News Article

Most of us are well aware of the importance of farm safety, but how many of us are aware of safety issues related to yard and garden activities? Here is a quick quiz to check your knowledge of some horticulture safety issues. Select only one answer for each question.

1. When mowing a slope with a riding lawn mower, should you: a. Mow up and down the slope
b. Mow across the slope

2. When mowing a slope with a walk-behind mower, should you: a. Mow across the slope
b. Mow up and down the slope

3. Is it important to know what you are controlling before you select a pesticide?a. Yes
b. No

4. What is a pesticide?a. A product that makes a claim to kill or repel specific pests
b. A product that makes a claim to kill or repel all pests

5. Before applying lawn and garden products, such as fertilizers or pesticides, is it important to know the size of the area to be treated?a. Yes
b. No

6. Where should pesticides be stored?a. In a locked cabinet or storage unit
b. Out of the reach of children

7. Is it against the law to store pesticide products in containers other than their original container? a. Yes
b. No

8. All pesticide labels contain signal words indicating the potential danger to humans. Which signal word indicates the most toxic pesticide?a. Danger
b. Warning
c. Caution

9. Are organic products safer to use than synthetic or nonorganic products?a. No
b. Yes

10. What are the minimal clothing requirements for reducing exposure to pesticide concentrates or sprays?a. Long-sleeved shirt, long pants, shoes, and chemical resistant gloves
b. Short-sleeved shirt, shorts, sandals, cotton gloves, and eye glasses

11. Is it advisable to mix pesticides stronger than label recommendations if you have a hard-to-control pest problem?a. No
b. Yes

12. Gardening can be a rewarding pastime; however, like other hobbies and careers, it also can cause injuries. What is the most common occupational injury reported by landscape and horticultural services according to the U.S. Dept. of Labor?a. Overexertion
b. Repetitive motion injury
c. Exposure to harmful substance or environment

How do you think you did? Answer "a" is the correct answer to all of the above questions. Please keep these questions and correct answers in mind as you start the gardening season full swing.

This article originally appeared in the May 23, 1997 issue, p. 79.