Termite Swarmers, Already

News Article

We just received from Woodbury County our first sample of termite swarmers of the year. Swarming by termites is a mostly- futile act of colony reproduction in which winged males and females leave a well-established colony and fly off to mate and start a new colony. If and when termites swarm is regulated by several factors, including colony size and strength, and environmental temperature and humidity. Very few swarmers ever actually start a new colony, but hundreds of them leave the old colony to try.

When termites are found in or near a house I recommend whole-house inspections by at least three, local, reputable pest control firms. There is no need to panic or rush into treating your house. Take your time to get complete information and select a company that you are confident will do a thorough and careful job. See ISU Extension pamphlet Pm-1496 for more information on how to select a termite control service.

This article originally appeared in the March 24, 1995 issue, p. 31.