The Value of a Well Maintained Landscape

An April 1994 Gallup survey sponsored by the Professional LawnCare Association of America and the Associated Landscape Contractors of America found that 9 out of 10 households recognizethe value of a well-maintained lawn and landscape. According tothe survey most households value an attractive, healthy lawn andlandscape because it enriches the neighborhood, provides abeautiful place to relax with family and friends, reflectspositively on the people living there and enhances property values. Many respondents also indicated that well-maintained surroundingsare important to providing a safe high quality play area forchildren and pets.

Demographic groups who rated most highly the benefits of awell-maintained lawn and landscape are people still in the activeworkforce, over 30's, college-educated house-holders, marriedpeople, those with businesses or professional occupations, wageearners with annual incomes over $40,000 and people who liveoutside the central cities.

Listed below are the response percentages.

45% A property that helps to beautify the neighborhood.
38.6% A place of beauty and relaxation for the family, employees or visitors.
38.4% A property that reflects positively on its owner.
35.3% A property that has increased real estate value.
32.5% A comfortable place to entertain, work at or visit.
26.7% A property that provides a safe, high-quality play area for children.
12.7% A place that provides an exercise area for pets.
12.4% A property that helps to purify the air.
12.2% A property that helps to cool the air.
12.1% An environmentally-friendly property that filters water that drains into the ground.
1.2% Other.
7.4% None of the above.

Totals are greater than 93% due to multiple responses. Thesurvey included a cross-section of U.S. households. The Centraland Rocky Mountain sections of the country indicated a particularlystrong interest in healthy, attractive residential property. Thisarticle was taken from the August 1994 issue of Professional PlantGrowers Association News. Additional information on the survey canbe obtained through the Associated Landscape Contractors of America(800-395-2522) or the Professional Lawn Care Association of America(800-458-3466). Isn't it great to see that U.S. consumers feelthe same way those of us in Horticulture do?

This article originally appeared in the September 16, 1994 issue, p. 140.


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