Predicting the Harvest Time for Flowering Vegetables

News Article

It is often difficult to estimate when vegetable crops will be ready to be harvested. Weather conditions effect growth and development of the crop and can advance or delay maturity. For flowering vegetables, days from flowering provides a fairly accurate determination of harvest time.

Days from Flowering to Maturity

Crop Time (Days)

Snap bean 7-10
Sweet corn 15-23 (from silking)
Cucumber, slicing 15-18
Eggplant (2/3 maximum size) 25-40
Muskmelon 42-46
Pepper, green 45-55
Summer squash, zucchini 3-4
Tomato, red 40-50
Watermelon, large 50-60
Watermelon, icebox 28-32

This article originally appeared in the July 1, 1994 issue, p. 105.