Sinbar Use On Strawberries

News Article

EPA has just approved a supplemental label for Sinbar use on strawberries. Last year DuPont announced that it was canceling the use of Sinbar on strawberries, leaving only 5 registered herbicides for this crop. However, a label with lower use rates has been accepted. This change should alleviate injury problems that occasionally occurred in the past. The new application rate will be 2-6 oz product/acre (0.1-0.3 lb a.i./ac) instead of 8-20 oz/acre (0.4-1.0 lb a.i./ac). No more than 8 oz product/acre per season can be applied versus a previous no-seasonal limitation. The time of application will remain the same (after renovation or when dormant) as well as the age of the plants before Sinbar application (established in the field at least 6 months). Variety testing is also still recommended.

Old supplies have not been recalled; therefore, the label your product has is the label you must abide by. This may be important for producers with heavy soils (fine soil texture and/or high organic matter).

This article originally appeared in the April 15, 1992 issue, p. 58.