Plant Disease Clinic Highlights

The following list highlights some of the commonly diagnosed diseases during May. Disease Host

peach leaf curl peach
Rhizosphaera needle cast spruce
anthracnose maple, ash, sycamore
cedar-apple rust cedar, juniper
slime molds turf
scab crabapple
Coniothyrium leaf spot maple

Other diseases diagnosed:
anthracnose turf
angular leaf spot strawberry
Mycoshpaerella leaf spot strawberry
Rhizoctonia root rot strawberry
leather rot strawberry
Didymellina leaf spot iris
Diplodia canker concolor fir
blossom end rot tomato
Alternaria leaf spot Rhubarb
anthracnose peony
fungal cankers blueberry, poplar

This article originally appeared in the June 5, 1991 issue, p. 98.


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